• Street 109, Block 7, Fahaheel, Kuwait
  • +965 23921167 | 23922602
  • Sunday to Thursday - 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Admissions for

New Academic Year 2020-2021

Begins from 15th of September 2019



Contact: 23933602 / 98741950 / 98741951

Registration Open for All Nationalities

Admission Process:

1. Admissions will start from 15th September 2019 , From 07:00 am to 07:00 pm only on all working days from Sunday to Thursday.

Working Hours (For Admission Purpose Only)
Sunday to Thursday 07:00 am to 07:00 pm

2.Entrance exam begins From 20th November 2019 (timings 02:45 PM)

Duration of the exam is 1 to 2 hours depending on the class.

Students who are scheduled to attend the entrance exam must reach the venue by 2pm.

Later than that, he/she will not be permitted on that day and will be scheduled for the next working day to write the entrance exam.

Entrance Exam Dates for the New Academic Year
Dates – Sunday
Dates - Wednesday

Venue: Global Indian English School,Street 109,Block 7, Fahaheel, Kuwait.

Students must appear for the Entrance Exam on the scheduled Date and Time. The results of the Entrance exam will be given after three working days.

3.Registration for the school:

(Upon approval based on the result of the entrance Exam) The parents must pay the Required registration Fee and collect the file.

4.Confirmation of Admission:

Parents must submit the duly filled file within 15days from the date of issue and also pay the 1st instalment of the school fee (Tution fee, Books & Stationary fee) to conform the seat. They can also pay the transport fee if they are availing the school transport.

Instalment 1 Tution Fee 126 145
Instalment 2 Tution Fee 126 145
Instalment 3 Tution Fee 126 145
Yearly Total Fee 378 435

Global English Indian School Bus Fee
Area Instalment-I Instalment-II Instalment-III Total
Fahaheel 45 60 45 150
Mangaf 51 68 51 170
AbuHalifa 57 76 57 190
Mahboula & Fintas 60 80 60 200
Salwa & Salmiya 75 100 75 250
Umaliman 75 100 75 250

Uniform fee, Certificate fee, ID card fee and educational tour fee (if any) to be paid.

On paying the entire school term fee parent will be given the access to the School communication system.

The Parents are requested to visit the school website and see the circulars and general instructions page in particular.

Important: Please go through the below link regarding General information
General Information & Instructions for parents